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I wanted to bring my knowledge to the everyday man. Being able to run on the beach, having your five year old say “can we take a break now”, going for a hike without knee pain… These are the things my clients REALLY appreciate and I have the knowledge and experience to help transform many people’s lives, not only the rich and famous. SIGN-UP TODAY!

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If you’re ever looking for a coach, Dave Robertson is one of the best I’ve come across.
Elan Lohman, SleekGeek
After a few months with Dave, my back pain has almost disappeared. He is consistent, professional, immune to moaning and pushes me just the right amount!
David Robertson is going places, and I can see why. The great service and attention to detail has me coming back for more.
Grateful for David’s assistance after a lower back injury. Today I PR’d 100Kg on my backsquat again for the first time since and it felt great!
Hylton Heather
Dave is helping me to strengthen my core, knee’s and back so I play soccer at a higher level. I’m getting stronger and leaner and I really enjoy the sessions.
Donve' Simpson
Dave is an expert in his field, and has pushed me through mental and physical challenges I never dreamt I could achieve. I am not a ‘gym person’, but I find myself looking forward to my workouts now! It really has been a life changing experience!
Catherine Gillespie

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