Why You Always Put The Weight Back On [And How To Keep It Off]

I’ve created this blog to further document my travels, training gems and lifestyle design concepts with you. Right now, I am travelling back to Athens after spending a whole month living and writing on the Greek island of Naxos. This morning I had two burger patties, a handful of pistachio nuts and made my way up to the abandoned restaurant where I train most days (and watch the sunrise).

While I am travelling the world and preparing my clients for The Thailand Transformation Giveaway I love finding intriguing places to focus on my movement practice.

I am going to give you a little information which is the culmination of 15 years of direct experience. Let me describe how one out of two people either make or break the investment that is fat-loss, hypertrophy or any of the thousands of terms available for improving your health.

I want you to imagine for a moment stepping back from any pre-conceived ideas that you have about health, wellbeing and movement.


Mistake #1 Confusing Experience and Education with Trial, Error and Inexperienced Professionals

Health, Fitness, Strength, Conditioning… It all boils down to who gets the best results. Sadly, our market is so inundated with FAD competitors and marketers that it is considered normal to obtain information from authority figures whose credibility remains dependent on social media hype and imitation.

  1. Cut the bullshit and see professionals who have trained normal people of all ages and abilities
  2. Remember that a good coach is there to push you but that begins by pushing yourself
  3. Test the limits a little each day


Mistake #2 Comparing Yourself to Others (especially those on drugs)

For a portion of my career I believed that much of what I saw in health and fitness magazines was all natural, home cooked, organic muscle. It’s important to cultivate a standard of achievement that does not inculcate narcissism as the foundation of a healthy and long life. I often see people getting stuck on the following.

  1. Did you confuse mastering a journey with starting out? Many people see a 10 000 hour physique and conclude that even with 10 years of stress and metabolic damage it should be turned around in 12 weeks, what if I told you that compromises your health even more?
  2. Have you read or listened to some of our foremost leaders in the health and fitness industries? PS: I’m not talking about the ‘sport scientist’ who can’t teach a backsquat!

Think Charles Poliquin, John Berardi, John Romaniello, Mark Schauss, Luke Leaman, Eric Braverman, Gabor Mate.

  1. Allowing bigger and more intimidating individuals to dissuade you from pursuing common sense advice and a strong, healthy body.


Mistake #3 Commitment Devices, Performance and Common Sense

Choosing the right coach to make you accountable is the first characteristic of a successful change. The second is the commitment level of the individual seeking the change.

  1. Did your coach make the time and effort to help you determine your sticking points? Were you willing to come to the table and push yourself each day? These are the factors which determine the outcome.
  2. Did you embrace recovery strategies as much as you enjoyed pre-workout stimulants that contributed to the fatigue that almost all new trainees experience from seeing unqualified and often incompetent coaches?
  3. If you are currently seeing a professional who is not helping you to identify strategies which reduce ‘Leptin Resistance’ did you know you could be damaging your body and that could affect your health later in life?

TIB Member Joeline Cornick Featured in Womens Health


Re-Learning Movement Fundamentals and Sustainable Weightloss Strategies

What if I told you that every day there there was an opportunity to change your health and wellbeing that is so powerful, by missing out on it you could be losing 90% of your results?

In my professional capacity I have worked with a number of frequent flyers and professional travellers. They all tend to disregard the negative effects of fatigue until they experience just how easy to it is mitigate 90% of jetlag with the correct habits, exercises and supplements.

I can show you how to relieve back pain, reverse age related muscular atrophy and drop a guaranteed 1% bodyfat or more per week with just one to two acute changes in your day to day life.

It’s a complete myth that you need a gym to make sustainable long term changes to your body. I will teach you how to do that alone at home, in Santorini, or with whoever you choose as a training partner. A lot of this magic will begin with having FUN in the kitchen.


I believe that training and nutrition should be simple and easy to understand. For many of us, the problem is staying motivated. I would love you to be a part of the conversation. Feel free to leave a COMMENT if you would like to share your journey with me or ask me any questions. I’m currently traveling but I will respond as soon as possible.

Yours in Strength