The Thailand Transformation [Tested in 8 Countries and 25 Cities]

For the last 9 months I have not been in the same place for more than 6 weeks. Being in a completely new country and environment definitely has its advantages.

I’ve sampled food and culture from Tuscany to Thailand and everywhere in between. I know many of my friends and coaches may say that training and eating while travelling is some kind of far fetched illusion.

Here are some of the lessons I learned on the way and how you can use this information to benefit your own life.

Start Where You Are

I had already decided that  I wanted to combine two things I love (travel and training) in the spring of 2015.

The interesting thing about constantly changing cities is how quickly you become aware that  you need to reset sleep wake cycles and do basic things like find high quality food.

The ability to adapt to changing environments is something missing from most people’s lives. I often think back to my days as a corporate personal trainer and I remember how lethargic and frustrated I became with small setbacks like leaving my lunch at home or trying another diet that did not work.

Travelling really got me out of that headspace. If I was on the move in the middle of Vietnam, Cambodia or Ireland. It was a pleasure to be doing new things and seeing new places even if it meant training at home.

The process of making the time to eat and train was always surprisingly fun (even if a bit challenging at times). That kinda got me thinking, how could I replicate this in everyday life?

I decided to fly to Koh Samui in Thailand and really test this theory out. The results were astounding! This was just an 8 week training cycle which I completed every other day with my partner in crime. It’s incredible what a ‘reset’ and some fun can do for your health.

You could say that the main reason I decided to do this was to help people understand that within the context of health, you really can eat, train and live like an athlete anywhere. It’s just a choice.

What seemed a far greater problem was helping people understand that prioritizing your own health and training was only really a challenge because of fatigue and lethargy.

Slowly during the development of my book ‘The Infinite Body’ I began to see correlations between certain health trends. It seemed to me that each person’s distinct ideas about training, nutrition, work/life balance and even selfie’s was part of a much more complex interplay of psychological factors and self-limiting beliefs.

It could easily be seen that the problem was not related to exercise or nutrition but rather to our inability to contextualize a near constant barrage of information. The literal reality was that people were always chopping and changing ideas about health and that was making them sick.

Health Gem #1 FUN is the Best Fat loss Ingredient

Training and preparing to get in the best shape of your life can be a synergistic and rewarding experience if you understand what your priorities are. A good coach understands that weightloss at the expense of your health is just as bad as taking out a loan without understanding what the interest on that loan will be 10 years from now.

Habits, counting calories, fasting and excessive cardio have become short hand for obsessive compulsive behaviors that actually decrease the hormones responsible for sustainable fat-loss. I’m not kidding, this is in the literature and very well researched.

When you understand how to effectively take care of your body and mind, many of the roadblocks preventing you from making progress can be removed. Once that happens you don’t need to feel that your journey is an upwards struggle or you don’t stand a fair chance. For me that happened while travelling; for you it could mean learning to think a little differently about what health means to you.

The Cornerstone Is Strength

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to push yourself a little each day knowing that the time and energy you are investing in your training is paying off.

The irony is that at the highest level, many of the top competitors in any field are a success because they have taken the time to build a foundation. I have and will always teach people congruency. That is accelerating progress by understanding methods and principles that help people work patiently and consistently towards their goals.


As a coach who has worked extensively on a 1-1 basis with people who have made a successful change I know there is tremendous power in the customization of training and nutrition principles required to make a positive impact on the lives of others. As was the case with myself it really helps to get back to first principles.

Take Home Points:

  • You are worthy of a strong and athletic physique. No matter what your past is, where you come from or what your story is, it is possible.
  • It’s easy to fall for competitions and the excitement of a group of people but the focal point must be the long term rewards you reap. Strength development not only increases your quality of life but helps to keep you lean for life! For ladies this is 16% bodyfat.
  • Underweight people are at the same or greater risk of disease as the Obese. Leave binge diets, teas, weight loss supplements (your scale) AND protein supplements in the bin where they belong.
  • Live your life and let your body allow you to have the new experiences that you deserve. Training and nutrition should give you more freedom, not less.

When I began my journey, I would have killed to get advice from someone who had already achieved my goal. Now, I would like to be that someone for you. If you would like to find out the exact steps I use to dramatically change the bodies and minds of my clients click here.

Finally if you have any questions or comments about your journey please feel free to ask them in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

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