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I love helping people have new experiences. Celebrate your journey to physical freedom with a chance to win a trip to an island paradise. Whether you want to get into the best shape of your life or live with less pain. Our community and coaches are dedicated to helping you BECOME YOUR OWN HERO.

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Join our exciting Facebook community to acquire insider tips on fun workout challenges, free recipes and your chance to win the competition! We have two exciting pieces of tech that form a part of our exclusive offering. One is a fully customized members area where we complete your screenings and offer video training. The other is our members only app which is designed for ease of use and logging your workouts over the course of the program! Ready to begin your journey to physical freedom? Let's do it!

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After a few months with Dave, my back pain has almost disappeared. He is consistent, professional, immune to moaning and pushes me just the right amount!
David Robertson is going places, and I can see why. The great service and attention to detail has me coming back for more.
Grateful for David’s assistance after a lower back injury. Today I PR’d 100Kg on my backsquat again for the first time since and it felt great!
Hylton Heather
Dave is helping me to strengthen my core, knee’s and back so I play soccer at a higher level. I’m getting stronger and leaner and I really enjoy the sessions.
Donve' Simpson
Dave is an expert in his field, and has pushed me through mental and physical challenges I never dreamt I could achieve. I am not a ‘gym person’, but I find myself looking forward to my workouts now! It really has been a life changing experience!
Catherine Gillespie